Steven in frog form

Steven Redhooker (born September 12, 1777) was a member of the Redhookers and an enemy of the animals at one point, but turned good and saved them, but got killed in the process.

Early LifeEdit

All right, boys, light 'er up!                                                      

― Steven commanding his forces.

Steven Redhooker was born on September 12, 1777, somewhere in Northern Columbia, South Carolina. He learned from his unnamed boss, before his death from a cannon at Fort Sumter, SC, on April 12, 1861, (in the future) during the Civil War. With this, Steven hated people forever.

Meeting the animalsEdit

He met Morris and the gang, when they tried to disrupt the cannon. Steve knocked them all out, and hung them to a very long piece of cotton rope, tied to a chandelier above a casino floor. Steven announced that he was the guest of honor. They escaped the rope, with Steven in pursuit. He caught up with them, tied them to a snow jet, and was about to set them over a cliff towards River Town, when the animals' friends confronted him. He finally turned good, but accidentally knocked the jet overboard. He turned over, and tumbled down as well. The animals got into a South Carolina portal.


Steve saved the animals but didn't survive the fall. He tumbled over the cliff and down the gorge to his death. Ginger, the young female Saltasaurus, felt sympathy for Steven, and thought that he was not a bad guy, just confused. Steven, in his dying breaths, asked Spot to forgive him. Spot forgave him, and Steven died. A few minutes later, he woke up, apparently surviving the fall. Ginger turned around, surprised, and felt better. He gave facts about South Carolina, and that it would be celebrating its 225th anniversary of becoming a state. They went to the festival on the same day, with Steve dancing to Cyndi Lauper's "Goonies R' Good Enough."


Steven turned into a frog thanks to Derek the Dinosaur.


Steven apparently was the brother of Walter, Jake, Annie, Andy, and Ike, and the uncle of Elliot.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Steven was puppeteered by Matthew Bernstein and was voiced by the same kid.

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