Paul Jones (born November 3, 2005) is the younger brother of Spot.


Born in Kentucky in 2005, Paul is the brother of German-born Spot. The youngest, they had a sister, Lily, but she died not even into her adult years, after complications from back surgery. Paul was the only animal born black, the others were born white.

One evening, their house burned down thanks to Derek Deinonychus, and their parents were killed. Paul fled up the chimney safely, but Spot was burned with charcoal, and Peter suffered soot allergies as it got on him.

Fleeing to Hamberg Port, they went on a boat to Pensacola, Florida. Paul fell overboard during a storm, and The Wave Monster attacked. Anthony Markalle, a French man, saved Paul's life, but died when the Wave Monster drowned him.

Traumatized by the events, Paul thought the Wave Monster was all a halloucination. Reaching Florida, they lived the rest of their lives there, eventually killing Derek.

Behind the scenesEdit

He was portrayed and voiced by Matthew Bernstein.

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