Charles Morris Kailree (born March 3, 2001) was a character in State Day Videos, and a good friend of the Redhookers, whom they meet, one by one, when they travel back in time.


Charles Morris Kailree was born March 3, 2001 in New Hampshire. At the age of 10, he made his career in acting and was credited as Detective Charlie, an old stage nickname. Quitting acting at 11, he left the studio in Midland, Texas, and went to Pensacola, Florida, meeting Paul, Spot, Cody, Ginger, Steven and Derek Deinonychus.

Getting tossed into the Navy at 12, he fought in the Pacific theatre, as America was still at war. Defusing missiles and bombs, his fighting got the better of him as a Japanese shot a missile at his face, knocking his eye socket cockeyed. After years of the pain, he had his eyes removed, therefore causing him to leave the war and the acting business.

Old Friends meet and fight to the deathEdit

In Animal Patrol: The search for Paul, Morris made his first appearence, in part one. Peter had taken his brother, Cody, to the mountains and trees. Morris appeared after hiding in the bush, and mistook Cody for a woman, so the two were locked in combat, fighting. Peter was taken down, but Morris was thrusted over the cliff they were near, and knocked out, but only for a few seconds. Peter was injured in the left front leg and the right back leg. Morris apologized to Peter, stating that he thought Cody was a woman. He also reveled to Cody that they were friends since Peter reached high school at 14 years old. Morris was 12 years old during the search, and Peter was 16.

In South CarolinaEdit

At the beginning of South Carolina State Day Video, Morris stated to Cody that his sister, Misty, was killed by a cannon. Steven saw Morris, and punched so violently that he was knocked against a wall and rendered unconsious. When Steven died, Morris felt remorse for Steven's death and, along with Spot and Paul, comforted Ginger, who was devastated about Steven falling into the deep gorge. Steven apparently survived, and they all went to the festival, Steven dancing to Cyndi Lauper's "Goonies 'R Good Enough".

In WisconsinEdit

Morris was imitating a Wisconsin accent to bug Spot. Irritated, Spot kept his anger inside, and went into Peter's time machine, and they traveled back to May 29, 1848.

Morris still imitated the accent. Spot blew his cool and lashed out at Morris. Morris sadly walked away, and was captured by Derek and Perry. Peter said that he was rough on Morris. Spot nearly took it out on Peter, too, but they heard Morris scream without the accent.

Peter nearly punched Spot, but they found out that Morris was dissolved by radioactive cheese chemicals inside a cheese factory. Elliot appeared and helped solve the problems. Morris apparently survived, but after a battle, died. Asking for Paul the Bear, his brother, he died.

Elliott falls dead from a stroke as well. They helped Elliot survive, and traveled back to the present day, bidding him goodbye.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Morris was puppeteered and voiced by Matthew Bernstein.

See alsoEdit

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