Lieutenant James Seabush is a character in Animal Jaws. He is the best friend of Captain Leo. He gets killed, but immediately gets vomited out alive.

He is portrayed by Cody, and voiced by Matthew Bernstein.

Animal JawsEdit

James is independent of his leader, who lost a race to his old enemy, Captain Wil Jankin. He denies bringing Leo into danger, but is forced into doing it anyway.

Out at sea, the animals go out to hunt a shark, sent by the gazette reporter.

After they chase the shark in the night, Jankin's two henchman get killed from being burnt to a crisp and melting (Damian), and being devoured in a single, bone-crunching, gut-crushing bite (Joshua).

After Wil sends Seabush into the jaws of the beast, some much pressure rises in the uvula, that he gets vomited out alive shortly after being eaten.

Wil gets devoured as a result, and his skin starts stitching itself out, and his fat drops into the gullet. As James shoves a tank into the teeth of the animal, Jankin's disintegrated head absorbs the energy, and the shark violently explodes, ripping up Jankin's mangled body in the process.


James goes on an adventure to destroy the droid army after Joshua survives in an extreme state of paralysis, and turns to their side, but James gets thrown into a pipe of absolute zero liquid helium pressure, and it spills all over him. James falls into newspaper, and passed being printed to death, but falls onto a heroin conveyor belt, and is pulverized into blood and he lets out an infinite scream of pain.

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