Christopher Octo (born July 11, 2006) is a seven-legged Octopus, who first appeared in "Birthday Party", in July 2013.


Being born on 11 July, 2006, in Cleveland, Ohio he lost one of his tentacles, and his mother, to a murderer, as she got stabbed to death. Escaping through the trees, Octo is the only octopus who can survive out of water. He met up with Cody Baxter, a grizzly bear, and they headed back to Cleveland.

The murderer, Derek Kilontrapofy, Jr., slowly pursued, after a trail of white beans (Chris's blood) was left on the side of a highway road. After rendevouzing with Morris Kailree, secretly a double agent, they met a gang of German brothers on the run from the same man. The oldest member, Spot, was tough and gruff, but good-hearted. Meeting at frozen Miller's Pond, Morris stated that he was a double agent working for the man, but Spot mocked him by saying, "Yeah, right, and I'm Elmer Bernstein."

Fleeing, Octo made shelter, and they turned Morris to their side, and they defeated Derek.

Behind the scenesEdit

Octo is puppeteered and voiced by Matthew Bernstein.

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