Animal Jaws (Captain Leo and the shark) is a movie made on August 5, 2013. It stars Steven Redhooker, Morris, Cody, Ginger, Peter, Paul (dog), Paul (bear), Matthew Bernstein, and Spot.


In Menemsha, Massachusetts, Captain Leo (Steven) (not shown on screen) teleports himself back in time to June 29, 1973. Not long ago, he was in WWII in The Pacific with his old archnemesises, Damian Smith (Paul (dog)), Joshua Wisteria (Spot) and Captain Wil (Morris). They beat him to Menemsha and Leo teleported back. Here, he had to solve a mystery. In this shanty seaside, he went to The Police Department (MPD) to see what was the matter. The police chief said that a shark attacked more than 5 people a day ago. The gazette reporter said it was a tiger shark, but Leo dosen't believe him. James (Cody), Leo's accomplice, Elijah (Peter), Leo's best friend, and Kristen (Ginger), Leo's cousin and second in command, join up with their leader on Leo's boat, The Killer Whale. The 4 people go out to hunt the shark. That night, the Killer Whale is attacked the Green Lillian Namingare, Joshua's boat. Joshua and Leo fight until Joshua slips into the water. A thunderstorm (not shown or mentioned) starts and in the middle of the fight, a great white shark attacks the Namingare and almost sinks it. Leo hits Joshua in the stomach, his weak spot, and Joshua slips into the water again. A thunderbolt hits the Namingare and it is engulfed in flames. The 2 baddies panic and while Wil escapes, Damian is burned alive in the boat. Suddenly, Kristen is seized by Joshua before Joshua falls into the water again, headfirst. Kristen is drenched in the water, but not before Leo dives into the water and pulls her out. While Leo and the others leave, Joshua is killed by the shark. Leo notices that the shark was NOT a tiger shark. A 25-foot long, 3-ton Carcharadon Cacharias with a 3 foot-wide mouth. The Namingare is destroyed as the shark breaches it's stern. The next morning, Leo is looking for something that will help kill the shark. Suddenly, it bursts through the side of the ship, and starts flapping around, trying to kill him. In desperation, Leo grabs an oxygen tank filled with compressed air. The shark finally gets James, who is pulled underwater even after heroic attempts by Leo. After James is killed, Leo bursts into crystals, and turns into his alter ego, Captain Lee. The compression and nitrogen inside the tank explodes under the water, offscreen, and James is vomited out alive. They stand back and Wil attacks them. The shark bites off Wil's bad right leg and he meets his end. The shark kills Wil, but inadverently swallows another explosive tank, (a huge chunk of the ruined ship), causing the shark, Wil, and the boat to blow to smithereens. Leo, James, Elijah, and Kristen escape the exploding conduction to shore.

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