Captain Leo Bluebonnet was a captain, and arch-nemesis of Capt. William Jankin.

He was portrayed by Steven and voiced by Matthew Bernstein.

Life before Animal JawsEdit

An Indiana boy, Leo was once good friends with Wil and soon-to-be-henchman Joshua Wisteria.

One day, while they were sculpting clay, Wil showed his true intentions as to steal all the clay. A harmless prank, but Leo took it seriously. As Wil tried to steal his clay, Leo got the better of him and stabbed in in the right shin with a scalpel. Wil vowed revenge on him, that he would bludgeon him to death with toxic batteries next time they met.

The greatest raceEdit

Wil shoved Leo into a time portal to the crowds of Meneshma, Massachusetts, to force him to do a nautical race. The year, 1945. The war was not yet over. Leo and a young James Seabush got into their Glastron speeboats, while Wil stole a Lightening from one of the watchers. Beating Leo to the finish line, Wil strangled James into a state of unconsiousness, and shoved Leo to the bottom of the ocean and into the time portal. Leo had lost everything.

Racer turns hunterEdit

Some years later, in 1974, Leo decided to recruit Kristen Jamison, niece of the Gazette reporter, and Elijah Picasso, godson of Pablo Picasso.

In 1976, Leo was summoned to hunt a shark that killed a group of reporters on a ship, including the Gazette reporter's brother and Kristen's father. Wil slowly pursued.

After they attacked at night during a thunderstorm, Damian Smith and Joshua, now a henchman, attacked Leo. A thunderbolt struck the Green Lillian Namigare, Wil's ship. And while Wil escaped the burning blaze, Smith burned into coal and slowly melted. Wisteria swam towards Leo's boat and started to dump Kristen into the water, only for Leo to react.

Kristen was lost to the bottom of the ocean, but Leo violently punched the walnuts out of Wisteria. As he fell in, Leo dived into the water and saved Kristen. Just in time, too, as the shark mercilessly attacked. Arriving at a ghastly time, the shark tore apart the green Lightening, and dragged Wisteria under the water. As he resurfaced, though, He was about to cry, but Leo tried, in vain, to help him up. As Wisteria was left to his fate, Leo sailed on. Wisteria grabbed a charred part of the boat, but the shark came up from underneath and devoured him whole, killing the henchman.

Leo investigated that the shark was a carcharadon carcharias. After Wil attacked them once more, The shark came up from under the water, ripped off Wil's bad leg, dragged him under the water, drowned him in a cloud of his own blood, and slowly devoured him. He was gone.

Pleased with the appetizer, the shark came up for more. After a tense struggle, Leo finally killed the beast by exploding it, while Jankin's corpse dissolved in the fire, and melted like rubber. The job done, the team sailed back to Meneshma.

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