Animal Psycho is a movie made on June 9, 2013. It stars Morris, Paul, Cody, Paul, James, Ginger, and Peter.


It starts out in 1978, where Sir Anthony (played by Morris) is shot off of a balcony over Southampton, falls onto an awning, bounces off, falls into a deep gorge and dies.

7 years later, in 1985, Inspector Cody Baxter (played by Cody) and his two assistants, Peter and Spot, go to Sir Anthony's Castle. Morris the butler (also played by Morris) is suspicious, but lets them in. The suspects are:

  • Paul Bear II, an army seargent from World War II, older brother of Judith.
  • Henry T, a boy who was tortured by gypsies in his youth.

As Morris takes a shower, he is stabbed and murdered by a mysterious figure. Henry wakes Cody up to find that he was murdered. Up on a cliff, the three detectives ponder in shame about who killed Morris. A bolt of lightning flashes, and as Peter investigates, Cody goes to sleep. Paul screams, "MURDER! WAKE UP YOU GUYS!," and Cody wakes up in startling tension.

Much to his (and the others') dismay, Henry has been murdered. Then a shanghai ensues, and Paul sacrifices himself to save his sister and the others. Spot taps them all and they're safe. Morris reveals that he had been sleeping and was not murdered. Same thing with Henry.

The apparent murderer is farted in the face by Spot, and later murdered by Spot saying, "Eat tail!", obviously meaning, "Prepare to die!", and he falls off the cliff, laughing manaically, as he falls into the sea.

It was revealed that Spot had a crush on Judith, and at the end of the film, they got married, with Peter being the best man, Cody as the minister, and Paul being one of the people in the audience. The other two were Morris and Henry.

A small clip reveals that all the making did a remake because the first one was so jittery, and the maker was a kid.


Peter Jones as Detective Peter

Spot Jones as Doctor Spot P. Jones

Cody Jones as Inspector Cody Baxter

Morris Kailree as Sir Anthony and Morris the Butler

Paul (dog) as Henry T

Ginger Scarletskimmer as Jusith Gazerstone

Paul (bear), II as Himself

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