Animal Jaws 2: The Return, is a 2014 film starring Steven Redhooker and company.


Following the death of William Jankin, an enormous clone-droid hybrid army appears and Joshua is revealed to have survived.

Leo awakens to find Elijah conversing with Joshua about betraying Wil, and they run when Will appears to have survived, along with Damian. During the search, they encounter Leo's team, and fight. After their boat got lost in a fire, they went to the boat dealer's, just 200 miles away.

Narrowly escaping a screwball at their lives, Jankin learns that he had been set up. He fights Damian, but Damian stabs Wil. The tense struggle ends after Wil shoves Damian off a cliff to his demise, as he shatters into millions of pieces, revealing himself to be a droid.

After Joshua goes sailing with some friends, Leo goes after him in secret.

15 miles out to sea, a shark attacks a speedboat, and blows it up, killing the people on board, and seriously damaging the cheekbones, and jowls of the shark, a reference to Jaws 2, which the film is mostly based off of.

The same shark attacks Joshua's friends, as Josh got hit on the head with a diamond, and knocked out. After he was taken to shore, He explained everything.

Joshua's brother, Mark, got lost out at sea, along with a 19-year-old teenager, who was like a father to him, Anthony Bradshea, amongst the others.

As they sail further out, they reach 2 miles to the nearest island in the Atlantic. Wil pursues them on the shark, who survived. A huge ocean liner came out of the foggy waters to help them, but the shark comes up, rips out the gunwale, and sinks it, killing the captain, who drowns.

As the shark leaves for a few seconds, poor Mark falls into the water, and Anthony jumps in after him. After he saves Mark, he tries to get back on, but his arms slip. In desperation, Mark tries to save him, but the shark comes back, knocks Wil off, and the bulky gray body comes up and crunchs on the poor teen's bones, crushing his guts, and we see a lot of blood where he goes down, and he gets killed by the shark.

Wil returns to Meneshma, scars Leo, and kills James. After a tense fight, 

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